Supported Browsers
FirefoxSafariInternet ExplorerOpera

Comparison Chart

Feature Windmill Selenium Watir
IE/Safari/Firefox/Chrome Support Yes Yes Differing libraries
Test Recorder Yes, on all platforms Firefox Plugin only Yes
Cross Domain Yes Firefox and IE only in trusted mode. Yes
SSL Yes Yes Yes
Supported Languages Python, JavaScript, Ruby Many Ruby
Integrated Debugging Tools Firebug and Firebug Lite, Inspector None None
Proxy Manipulation Yes, could be better No N/A, Watir doesn’t use a proxy
Integrated Development Environment

  • Full Featured Recorder: One click and the IDE writes your test for you
  • DOM Explorer: Explore the DOM, aids in test editing and debugging
  • Assertion Explorer: Quickly generate action validating the state of your application
  • Test Saving and Playback
  • Real Time Performance and Output Information
Firebug Lite Integration
  • Firebug Lite integration for debugging in all supported browsers

Interactive Python Server

  • Convenience functionality for launching browsers
  • PDB debugging support
  • Test loading and running
  • DOM query functionality
  • Reporting helpers
wxWindmill Service UI
wxWindmill Service UI

  • Running test files, and test directories
  • Loading test files, and test directories
  • Launching Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer
  • Killing the open Windmill test browser instances
  • Clearing the Test Queue
  • A built in Python Shell
  • A scoped Python Shell to Windmill
  • A fun little GUI to complete your test development experience…
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