Windmill 1.3 Released

Windmill 1.3 is the final release before we make some pretty major changes including: auto-waiting, improving running speed, proxy speed, and the addition of full flash integration.

If you rely at all on the speed that Windmill runs tests, then this is your last guaranteed change free release.

However, we have done a lot of work to make this a great release:


  • JQuery Selector Support
  • Stability updates for Windows
  • Moving all the deps into the Windmill tree, for easier installation
  • Show controller method, for hi-lighting the DOM in your tests
  • Improving the logic for JS Test reinjection between page loads
  • Visual improvements
  • Controller method for manually overriding dialogs
  • Updating Firebug for Firefox 3.5 support


  • Assertions and waits no longer scroll the page
  • Fixing bugs with loading user extensions
  • Wait for page load no longer fails tests, as your following action will do that if needed
  • Increasing Firefox script timeout for large typing scripts
  • Running Windmill on Windows Vista
  • AssertText issues
  • Rich Text Editor support

And many more!

As always come talk to us if you have issues in #windmill on freenode.

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Windmill 0.8.0 released

Today we released Windmill 0.8.0, we are jumping the release number from 0.4.5 to 0.8.0 because the project has now reached a level of maturity that one usually expects on a 1.0 approach. The recent attention Windmill has been receiving in development and community has been very encouraging and we are very excited about the next steps for the project.

Release 0.8.0 is a milestone signifying that we have met the majority of our goals that we had set over a year ago, and are now moving our focus to refining features and taking on the important challenges to become the best tool out there for cross browser test automation.

Here is a list of new features:

  • Addition of long awaited OOTB drag and drop functionality in the IDE
  • Addition of animated mouse cursor movement, and mouse move simulation
  • IDE user experience improvements mostly effecting IE, and event firing.
  • Significantly improved unit tests

It is also important to note that we have just submitted our proposal to join the Apache Incubator, championed by Ted Leung. You can view the proposal yourself at We are excited about the possibilities here and will keep you updated on progress.

You can upgrade using:

easy_install -U windmill

Windmill 0.4.5 released

Sorry for the delay in Blog announcements, we’ve been heads down improving windmill for many many months and let the blogging slip through the cracks a bit.

The 0.4.5 is a big release, we’ve gotten a lot of bug fixes and features in the releases since 0.3.

Here is a list of new features (the bugfixes are too numerous to list):

  • Moved Firefox launching to the mozrunner library (features of mozrunner are extension installation and granular pref setting among others)
  • IDE enhancements for IE 6/7, settings, load speed and user experience
  • Full XPath support in IE 6/7
  • Much improved logic for sleeping, and waiting on lower bandwidth connections
  • Enhancement to the DOM lookup functionality, and addition of locators
  • Enhanced playback experience
  • Support logic to enable differing
  • Improved testing against social network inner applications
  • Better support for testing iframes
  • Enhanced controller functionality
  • Enhanced control loop, better throttling for call to service

You can upgrade using

easy_install -U windmill

Windmill 0.4 Release

We know this is well overdue, we have done many small bug fix releases since our 0.3.5 release. It was finally time to get 0.4 out the door, and many of the fixes in this release are resulting from the needs of the community.

Please, everyone;

easy_install -U windmill

Some of the changes are;

  • Supporting Firefox 3 and Safari 3.1.1
  • Fixed the communication loop from taking over your CPU.
  • Visual tweaks to make the IDE more usable in IE.
  • Major visual updates to the IDE, resizing, dialogs etc.
  • XPath functionality additions.
  • Updates in the back end for customization and continuous integration.
  • Any many many more.

Windmill 0.3.5 bugfix release

It’s been a fun week, and we fixed a lot of bugs. Somehow some features made it in too.

We shipped 5 bug fix releases this week, putting us at a current release of 0.3.5, available in the cheeseshop.

Please, everyone;

easy_install -U windmill

Some of the changes are;

  • wxUI fixes for new load and run methods.
  • Various fixes in load_test.
  • New option to load single json file bypassing dependency framework.
  • Command line option for extensions directory.
  • Fixes in the “type” command. We now simulate keypress actions for each character, allowing closer simulation of a real user and fixing some more advanced use cases.
  • Better firebug debugging available.
  • Huge fixes to js framework.
  • Fix in “runserver” so that it doesn’t immediately exit if you don’t pass it tests
  • More IDE debug options, throwing errors instead of just logging them in certain cases.
  • Fleegix.js debugging is turned on by default.
  • Added Back, Forward, and Refresh simulation to windmill API
  • Added mouseover and mouseout to windmill API, contribution by Robert Leftwich

Windmill 0.3 released

Our third major release of windmill is out the door. The primary focus of this release was tackling the larger framework related issues and features for Python and JSON tests. Usage of windmill has been steadily increasing and we saw the need for a more feature rich collection, dependency and setup/teardown system for Python and JSON tests, and the ability to mix and mash Python and JSON tests.

These changes meant we deprecated almost all the old test running command line and shell options. Now there is a more unified function that takes a directory or file in Python or JSON format. The test running documentation has been updated for the newest version of windmill and should get you one your way. It also spends some time talking about windmills setup/teardown and dependency system built using functest.

There is also a fair amount of IDE bugfixes and improvements:

  • Recording interaction with checkboxes
  • Clearing up any confusing about available options associated with actions
  • Changing the alert overiding functionality to be applied to a session
  • Notification and state reporting fixes
  • Playback and Stop Playback state fixes
  • New functionality for flexible JSID’s, appending and prepending
  • Convenience variables for cleaner test writing
  • Safari 3 specific window load logic
  • New assert functions including asserts.assertJS
  • “Hitting enter” bug in actions forms
  • Allow XPath override for recording