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Windmill 1.3 Released

Windmill 1.3 is the final release before we make some pretty major changes including: auto-waiting, improving running speed, proxy speed, and the addition of full flash integration.

If you rely at all on the speed that Windmill runs tests, then this is your last guaranteed change free release.

However, we have done a lot of work to make this a great release:


  • JQuery Selector Support
  • Stability updates for Windows
  • Moving all the deps into the Windmill tree, for easier installation
  • Show controller method, for hi-lighting the DOM in your tests
  • Improving the logic for JS Test reinjection between page loads
  • Visual improvements
  • Controller method for manually overriding dialogs
  • Updating Firebug for Firefox 3.5 support


  • Assertions and waits no longer scroll the page
  • Fixing bugs with loading user extensions
  • Wait for page load no longer fails tests, as your following action will do that if needed
  • Increasing Firefox script timeout for large typing scripts
  • Running Windmill on Windows Vista
  • AssertText issues
  • Rich Text Editor support

And many more!

As always come talk to us if you have issues in #windmill on freenode.

Windmill 1.3 Beta Testing

We have an sdist tarball up here:

This has the jquery locator functionality, plenty of bug fixes, but most importantly — this will be the last release before a bunch of new features go in. If your tests rely on the speed that the current code base runs python tests (ie. the time between actions etc) then you will want to run this release.


– flash testing work
- automatic waiting on UI actions
- new proxy work
- dramatic speed improvements

Please help us test!

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Windmill 1.2 Release with SSL Support

Today, after 5 RC’s we have finally released 1.2.

It’s finally time to:
easy_install -U windmill


This release now uses a home brewed proxy server, instead of CherryPy allowing us to handle both SSL and binary data like Flash exponentially better.

Also included in 1.2 is a polish of the Windmill command line output, bug fixes for running tests with Nose and full backwards compatible support for Python 2.4. All told 31 logged bug fixes, and countless others coming together to bring what we feel is a pretty big milestone.


To use the newly built in SSL support for testing your application you must first install the Windmill certificate, which we have documented for MacOSX and Windows on the wiki.

Next, simply run Windmill the way you are used to, except adding the ‘ssl’ switch. Everything else should be seemless. In order to make all this happen we had to add one dependency, pyOpenSSL. But if you aren’t using SSL, don’t worry about it. Otherwise, you can visit the launchpad pyOpenSSL page for more information on getting it setup.


When major changes happen in a project there are always issues. We have run all of our unit tests, and really appreciate all of the responses we have had informing us that you’re tests worked as expected with trunk/RC5. If you are seeing regressions, please come talk to us: Freenode on IRC, #windmill, mail the list, or log a bug in trac and we will be as responsive as we possibly can. This release was designed to add functionality, not change or break anything else.

What’s next

Next up we are planning some client side improvements slated for 1.3, as well as some new features for the JavaScript tests. Don’t worry — we plan to keep everything backwards compatible, stay tuned!

Windmill 1.2 RC5 – Calling our Community

We just cut the 1.2 RC5 tonight, with another round of great fixes and enhancements. This release is hugely important because it unleashes the SSL functionality on the world. The large code re-factor under the hood changed the way a lot of things work and we need you to run your tests and let us know what’s broken.

You can download the tarball here, we really appreciate your input!

The kind of things you should keep an eye out for:
- Regressed actions passing in your test
- Excessive output in stdout from the proxy
- Interaction with https sites
- Installation of the SSL cert
- Backwards compatibility with Python 2.4
- All browsers and platforms performing equally

Additionally, if you have the time or interest in running our unit tests on your platform, we have written up those instructions here.

Either log a bug in trac, talk to us in #windmill, or even twitter about your issue.. we look forward to flattening those bugs.


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Windmill 1.0 Released

The day has finally come, and we have released Windmill 1.0, GM is r1161.

You can now go ahead and update to the latest from PyPi:

sudo easy_install -U windmill

A huge amount of work has gone into this release, here’s a few:

What’s Next?

Tomorrow we head off to PyCon in Chicago where we will be doing a Windmill Talk as well as participating in a Functional Testing Tools in Python Panel. We will also be hosting a hackathon, and probably a lightning talk.. so come hang out and ask any questions you have.

We will also be giving a similar Windmill talk at OSCON 2009 at 16:30 on 22 Jul 2009, but don’t know the location yet, so stay tuned.

Again we really appreciate the community involvement and responses, #windmill on FreeNode has become a really great place to ask questions and participate. We have a lot planned for the future of Windmill so keep your eyes pealed.

Thanks again!

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Windmill 1.0beta2 Released

We are another step closer to 1.0, if you have been watching the mailing lists or the trac timeline you already know that we have had some serious bug fixes over the past couple weeks as well as one new feature.

Bug Fixes:

  • Major fixes and updates for the Windmill Unit Tests
  • IE fixes for: Drag and Drop, Click, UI usability, Non Compress deps broken
  • JS Test Framework bug fixes, JUM assertions, unit tests,
  • Improved XPath Generation and bug fixes


  • Full support for launching and killing Google Chrome on Windows (requires Python 2.6)

We really appreciate all the bug reports and emails from you all, thanks for your patience as we try to squash all the bugs.

An additional encouraging note is that we got some great PR this week, which can be found here: Windmill Article in the SDTimes.

Happy testing.

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